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In which direction does the bore flow?

The bore flows from the Bristol Channel towards Gloucester

When are the bore times available for the following year?

The bore time for the following year are normally available in October

How far does the bore go up river?

In exceptional circumstances, the bore rides the weir at Gloucester and continues up river, with a rise over the weir at Tewkesbury. Normally the weir at Gloucester is the limit of its travel

What about the locations to the south east of the river?

The locations to the south east of the river can provide a great viewing spectacle such as at Stonebench but parking is difficult due to the narrow roads and cars have been known to get stranded in flood waters

What about the months where no bores are shown?

If there are months where no bores are shown then no tides exceed 9.0m at Sharpness and consequently there are no bores of any significance for those months

Does the tide turn as soon as the bore has passed?

No - the river height continues to rise for about another hour after the bore has passed before the tide turns

How easy is it to see a bore at night?

Of course it is not as easy to see a bore at night. When the bore coincides with moonlit skies, it is certainly possible to view the bore and there are certain viewpoints where the bore may be viewed due to enough artificial light. For darker areas, it is still possible to experience the spectacle with a strong floodlight

What is meant by prospect?

Prospect is just a way of grading the predicted height of the bore ranging from a 1-star (the lowest bore that would be regarded as worth watching as a spectacle, although still pretty small) to a 5-star (the largest bores that occur)

Are the bore times corrected for summer time?

Yes - all times shown have already been corrected for British Summer Time