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As a spectacle the bore is worth seeing only between the limits of Overton near Fretherne and Maisemore near Gloucester, and within this length is generally at its best between Minsterworth and Lower Parting, Gloucester. The bore is best seen at two principal points:

(i) Stonebench, on the south-east side of the river, three and a half miles by road from Gloucester Cross. In some respects this is best avoided due to the lanes becoming choked with vehicles of hopeful viewers.

(ii) Minsterworth, on the western bank, where parking is much easier, there being direct river access at the Severn Bore Inn.

It is also a good spectacle at Over Bridge but it is slightly obscured by the railway bridge.

Click on the map markers to show the various viewing points and the relative time of the arrival of the bore compared with high water at Sharpness.

Beware also that the locations on the south-east of the river have been known to flood, leaving cars stranded.