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Surfing the Bore has become a competitive sport with dozens of surfers vying to record the longest ride. The tidal surge also attracts canoeists and windsurfers.

Distance records have been broken numerous times on the bore with the record changing hands numerous times between various people most notably Steve King and Dave Lawson, both covering in excess of 5 miles on a surfboard

Steve King is the current Guinness World Record holder, the record standing at 9.25 miles.

Breaking the record is extremely difficult as the crest of wave moves around from side to side reaching speeds of more than 16 kilometres per hour.

For surfing information, please refer to the Gloucester Harbour Trustees website: Severn Bore.

The Gloucester Harbour Trustees also provide a boat safety poster for bore surfers: Riding the Severn Bore

Another useful site giving tips for riding the bore is Supboarder

First Surfers

Col. J. Churchill, an ex-wartime Commando leader was the first man to surf the bore on 21st July 1955.

In 1962, Bob Head, John Campbell and Warren Mitchell (OAM) were the first people to surf the bore with the now current criteria of equipment, parameters, style, distance etc. They were working as lifeguards in Cornwall at the time. (Thanks to Bob for this info)